18.08.2016 Full Moon in Aquarius Yayınlanma zamanı 18 Ağu 17:08 , 0 yorumlar

Dear friends, happy full moon today in Aquarius.🌕
Our beloved teacher, spritual coach, spirit mother and alchemical healer Toks Beverley Coker is holding an Alchemical Full Moon Meditation Workshop this evening at 7pm in London, UK.

Yanni Konstantinopulos our dear spirit brother will be organizing the workshop and setting the sacred space as instructed by Toks from Glasgow.
Toks will be holding the workshop through skype or facetime from Glasgow.
Her beloved partner Patrick, has diagnosed with colon cancer and had an operation on the 8th of August. His operation went well, he is in hospital recovering right now, he is getting better but he is still in pain.

As legions of light family we are sending healing to him, praying and keeping good thoughts for him

Toks is in Glasgow taking care of her dear partner, our kind hearted spirit father Patrick.
❤️They need our love and support.

If you are in London this evening, please come and join our sacred circle of healing love for Patrick and Toks, and for healing the world. You can also attend the workshop through Skype or FaceTime.

I will also be attending the workshop through Skype from Istanbul this evening at 9pm Turkish time. If you can't come physically please support them energetically with your kind wishes, love, good prayers, good thoughts and with your healing energy.
We appreciate your presence, your care, your love and your kindness. Thank you very much.

Lots of love and light💞 xxx Merve