Sacred Dance and Tantric Goddess Yoga Retreat Yayınlanma zamanı 15 Ağu 17:06 , 0 yorumlar

After our soulfully inspiring Sacred Dance and Tantric Goddess Yoga retreat with our lovely teacher Monika @monikanataraj and beautiful Shakti Sisters @karakayaretreat
I am feeling more in flow, refreshed, joyful, happy, loved, loving, feminine, strong, authentic, graceful, sexy, balanced, beautiful, creative, wholesome, free, content, compassionate, full of life and mysterious as a peaceful 21st Century Goddes. I am feeling like as Whitney Houston says: 'I am every woman, it's all in me. Anything you want done baby, I do it naturally.'🎤Affirming as Louise Hay says: 'I deserve all the best and I accept it now.
All my needs and desires are met before I even ask.'
And feeling beautifully inspired in my @ojarna dress💕 Thank you our beloved teacher @monikanataraj and Shakti Sisters for every inspiration.
Thank you for the 'feel like home' hospitality and deliciously healthy food @karakayaretreat Center👑. I am now ready to embrace more wonderful infinite possibilities in my life...To give and receive more love and light❤️ 🎯Monika will be holding a one day workshop in Istanbul within this month of August. She comes to Turkey every summer and does retreats and trainings around the world.
I recommend to every woman in the world to go to her retreats to explore and expand more of her own femininity, freedom, power, creativity and open her heart to give and receive more love & compassion💕
'Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, flow sister.'Moulin Rouge
Here is Monika's website for information about her, her work &
Lots of love to you, have a great day💞